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What is the cost of the project cleared by the government of India to build six new-gen conventional submarines?


Student | Posted

Letsdiskuss On Friday, the Defence Ministry finally cleared the mega project for the domestically building of six conventional submarines. This new project has given opportunity to domestic defence to join hands with foreign major defences for the production of high quality military weapons. This collaboration will reduce the import defence cost for the country. This new project can also be a powerful step against China. As China is a step ahead in expanding itself into the waters. The cost of Indian Navy is around Rs 43,000 crores. This decision will boost India's naval powers. This project will be built under strategic partnerships. Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh has also mentioned that the defence ministry has also accepted the suggestion of the acquisition of military weapons and equipment which is worth Rs 6800 crore. The building of 6 new tech submarines, the name of the project is 'P-75 India'. This project is also the biggest Make in India project due to the tremendous partnership between domestic defence and foreign defence to create new tech submarines. This is to initiate a better and fast intake of new technologies into the country. Defence has also mentioned that this could lead to reduction of cost of import of several goods for the production. This will also lead to self-reliance and more dependence on the domestic defence for the supplies. Additionally, this project will provide India the achievement of the 30th year plan of submarines in one go. This will make India independent in the designing and manufacturing of the same. This acquisition will make the country a self-reliant one and will be able to make a step ahead. The new technologies which will be used in making new tech conventional submarines will help the country indirectly to enhance its quest. The defence has also added that the estimated time period of this project is 12 years and the cost of the same might vary due to the addition of weapons and equipment. These Indian Navy plans will obtain 24 new submarines which will involve 6 nuclear attacks and those will be able to fight underwater.


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