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Sameer Tewatiya

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What is the main cause of seasons on the Earth?


Writer | Posted

We all know that there is not one season on the earth. Right! Friends, there are so many seasons on the earth like summer, winter, monsoon, so on. Is there any specific cause behind it? Yes, it has.

Let us discuss the main cause of seasons on the Earth:

1.We all know that the earth's axis is not straight. Its tilt at an angle of 23.4 degrees is noticeable. And none of any part of the earth receives a similar amount of solar energy. Surprising! But it is a scientific fact. Always remember each of them receives solar energy more than the other.

Well, what's the reason behind the Northern hemisphere getting more sun rays? Simple scientifically proven results are there. In June, July and August, we feel very hot in the northern hemisphere. Right! This time is known as the summer months in the Northern Hemisphere. Because this time, the north pole is tilted towards the sun. Many of us were unknown of the fact. Right!

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2.At the same time, we feel cold in the Southern hemisphere. Isn't it? At this time the southern hemisphere is noticeably tilted away from the sun. December, January, and February are the months of summer in the Southern hemisphere when the south pole gets tilted towards the sun. The opposite happens to the Northern hemisphere at the same time.

There are so many seasons on earth that we do not maintain the same distance from the sun all the time. It goes on varying throughout the year. Earth moves in an elliptical orbit. And one end of that orbital path can be closer to the earth at a time.

3.When we observe that slowly the weather is becoming hot, our planet i.e, the earth is tilting slowly towards the sun. This is the point when we start enjoying our spring season. And this is also the time when the daylight increases slowly.

In between summer and winter, we get to enjoy the essence of spring and autumn.


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