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Jessy Chandra

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Can the plastic crusher at railway stations installed by SwachaBharat Abhyan actually reduce the impact on environment?


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Railroads have introduced bottle smashers at the Vadodara rail route station to limit plastic waste at the station.Railways have declared that travelers who'll enter their portable number on the machine subsequent to dropping a container into it will get cashback of Rs 5 on their Paytm wallet.

The move comes in the setting of the World Environment Day.

Railroads has introduced bottle smashers at the Vadodara Railway Station and have propelled a plan to rewards individuals for helping the national transporter reuse plastic jugs at rail line stations.


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Indian Railways are fourth largest Railway network in the world. It also infamous for its unclean compartments, litter filled platforms, water less fresh rooms.  But after the launch of Prime Minister Modiji's SwachaBharat campaign, Indian Railways are looking so neat and clean as it is touched by some magic wand.

Now there is a feather in the cap of the Indian Railways . As part of SwachaBharat Abhyan, Indian railways installed plastic bottle crushers in some of the Railway Stations. The clumsy appearance of plastic bottles strewn on railway tracks and platforms will be a thing of the past, if the passengers follow the wonderful initiation by the Railways and Union government.

 on 5th June 2018 to commemorate  the World Environmental day, Indian Railways installed plastic crushers in Railway stations like Mysuru, Bengaluru, Vadodara, Bhopal and so on.  And it also announced that whoever uses the plastic bottle crushing machine can get Rs 5/- . There was a serpent like queues of people with sack full of plastic bottles in front of Bhopal Railway station and Bengaluru Railway station. But the authorities later explained that each individual can get price for 2 bottles only and the amount will be deposited digitally in their e wallet/Paytm only.

The plastic bottle crushing machine is already a success in Mumbai.  In Mumbai, the recycled material is used to manufacture bags and T-shirts. To motivate passengers to use them, the machines there churn out coupons every time a bottle is recycled and these can be used to avail discounts ranging between 5% and 10% on branded products. The machine, run on electricity, which is about the size of a refrigerator, can consume around 5,000 bottles in a day.

Every day approximately 6,289 tonnes of plastic waste is discarded onto India’s railway tracks. If the idea of plastic crushing machine is successful, it will a great effort to preserve our environment from plastic wastage.

One more problem will also solved because of this initiative. The vendors in some trains are selling water in a branded bottle like Bisleri filled with tap water. If there is no bottles are available, then their selling of unhygienic water will also be curbed.  Our platforms will be litter free and our environment will be plastic free.