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Sourojit Roy

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How do I determine if preschool isn-t right for my child?


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The pros and cons of preschool is a never ending debate. Putting our children in a preschool is a price we are paying to prepare our children in a competitive world. In the educational world where IIT preparations are started in 9th std or even before, everybody wants their child to be smarter than their age.

If we see the positive aspects of preschool, it will be easy for your child to learn academic and social lessons. It will help your child to understand the school structure. Your child will be strong enough to be alone without you around.

It is up to you to decide whether your child need preschool or not. If you have time to spend with him/her then there is no need for you to send them to preschool. Because you can yourself teach them what they are learning in preschools.

If your child is smart enough to move and mingle with others easily then there is no need for preschool. The purpose of preschool attending is to help the children in socialising with others.

If your child is intelligence enough to learn the alphabets, numbers, rhymes, poems and other lessons of a 2 year old by herself/himself then you can teach them at your home itself.

If you can train your child in spending time alone for 2,3 hours in a day without you around, there will be no need for preschool. You can leave your children with maid and can see whether they are adjusting without you or not.

These are the positive aspects for deciding. In the negative end, if your child is physically weak or mentally not strong enough to adjust in the preschool environment  at 2 years of age, you can choose to home schooling than preschool.



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