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Posted 21 Feb, 2021 |

What is the meaning of life?

Divya vashistha

homemaker.blogger | Posted 25 Feb, 2021

The meaning of life is derived from the contemplation of scientific, psychological and physiological facts. Scientific benefactions describe facts about existence, significance of living and consciousness. Whereas psychological and physiological experiences define meaning of life to every individual between births to death differently. According to me life is much more than that. Life’s meaning can’t be summed up in few words. It is basically a journey which is distinct and incompatible for every human being. Life is a flow of infinite events that every individual come across to seek mental and physical satisfaction. For some people it is about to create and achieve something, for some it is about gaining knowledge, having sense of status and power, for some it is about learning new things and earning a lot of money and for some people it is just about hope and survival. For example, meaning of life for a 24*7 homemaker is entirely different from that of a working mother. A new idea, any past experience, change in purpose of life etc, and many other factors deliberately affects the meaning of life. They are viewed distinctively by different individuals. But one thing which is common for every individual is that life is beautiful journey for everyone. Every human being is blessed with various strengths, abilities and talents. We all must work harder to nurture them, make a difference and create our surrounding a better place to live. Meaning of life can be dissimilar but purpose to make it better for ourselves and people around us should be same.