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Ram kumar

Technical executive - Intarvo technologies | Posted on | others

What is the next generation Suzuki hybrid system “e-SURVIVROR concept”?


Engineer at KW Group | Posted on

e-SURVIVOR is a concept that illustrates the efforts of Maruti Suzuki that drives electric mobility and reflects a futuristic and innovative idea of Maruti Suzuki.
It is a design concept that aims at a compact SUV that is a form of tribute to Suzuki’s proud 4WD heritage. It drives the excitement of driving to a whole new next level and it will also provide a new Off-Roading experience.
Apart from this, this e-SURVIVOR represents the exciting and new face of Suzuki’s plan for future mobility. This concept includes all future possibilities that are Autonomous, Electric, Four-Wheel Drive, and Connected.



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The first generation Suzuki e-Survivor Concept was a one-off experimental vehicle developed by Suzuki as a concept to study the feasibility of electric vehicles. The production of the powertrain system and battery pack were outsourced to Toshiba. In 2008, a next-generation prototype with various improvements was unveiled at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show and is currently being tested in Japan.

Although there are currently no plans to give it a production run, the e-Survivor has a lot of potential in the future. The layout of the prototype vehicle is essentially the same as Suzuki's first-generation hybrid system "Helios" that was introduced in 2004 and had a production run until 2009. This means that there is still room for improvements in terms of powertrain and battery technology.




Automotive Researcher & Writer (www.jato.com} | Posted on

e-SURVIVOR is a design concept for a compact SUV that pays tribute to Suzuki’s proud 4WD heritage. It is aimed to take the excitement of driving to the next level and the fun of Off-Roading ahead of its time, yet relevant to the present.

In addition, e-SURVIVOR depicts the new and exciting F.A.C.E of Suzuki’s intent for future mobility. It encompasses all future possibilities …“Four-Wheel Drive, Autonomous, Connected & Electric.”
It has been conceptualized with a vision to Empower its customers to Explore the unexplored with Enthralling Experience. 
In terms of exterior styling, e-SURVIVOR has been styled in a way that fuses near-future flavor with distinctive characteristics of its Suzuki 4WD DNA.
e-SURVIVOR has ladder frame and lightweight compact body which helps to achieve outstanding drivability and durability on rugged roads. Combining the high ground-covering capability to take on various roads with the powerful torque and acceleration of an electric vehicle, the e-SURVIVOR succeeds in delivering the driving fun for a new era.
It not only carries the Suzuki’s 4WD heritage but also adds new possibilities through its electric four wheel drive. It has got a set of four In-Wheel electric motors that controls the 4 wheels independently. The motors enable fine control of the wheels depending on road or driving conditions. It allows for on-the-spot turning and achieves outstanding mobility – movements that were not possible with conventional 4WDs.
Moreover, the e-SURVIVOR is equipped with autonomous driving capabilities. Along with that, it can also be switched to manual mode for off-road driving at any time. This supports safe, fun driving that suits road conditions and the skills or intentions of the driver at any time. A fine blend in which analogue and digital co-exist happily, the e-SURVIVOR is the realistic vehicle of the future.
Interior of the vehicle showcases futuristic interface which displays information that promotes safety and provides an enthralling driving experience. It has a spherical monitor on which the vehicle’s status and the road conditions can be checked at a glance.
It has a navigation system and a wide monitor for displaying online information and images from vehicle cameras. Smartphones and a variety of other electronic devices can be connected to the vehicle to display information on the topography, nearby vehicles, weather, and more.
e-SURVIVOR ensures safety while offering fun in driving and transportation.
e-SURVIVOR will stand out, no matter where ever you go. And it will deliver performance, no matter how you use it.
• Overall length x width x height 3,460 x 1,645 x 1,655mm
• Power source Electric motors (Dual front-rear motor axle units).
High on efficiency and low on emissions, with capability of pure electric drive, this next generation hybrid system offers superior driving performance and acceleration.
Suzuki Hybrid system demonstrated here can substantially reduce emissions and fuel consumption for the large part of the automobile market not addressed by EVs.
A step up from the current generation hybrid, this working model uses a combination of conventional engine and electric motor to power the wheels, drawing energy from petroleum fuels and Li-ion battery, to provide twin benefits of energy security and emission reduction. The strong hybrid will perform various function of Idle stop, torque assist, regenerative braking, EV running as a combination, to achieve higher fuel efficiency.