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abhishek rajput

Net Qualified (A.U.) | Posted 09 Sep, 2020 |

What is the real truth of Dhruv Rathee?

Ashwani aalok

blogger | Posted 14 Sep, 2020

The fact of the matter is Dhruv Rathee has specific memory and is a furious upset character who will go to any degree to demonstrate that he is a Congress chump.

Speculatively , regardless of whether PM Narendra Modi gets a Nobel Prize tomorrow and is commended by the world, he will at present discover intends to discolor Modi's picture through his alleged specific 'Ground Reports'.

Barely any days back I was viewing the 10 PM news show in India Today where Dhruv Rathee was welcomed as a specialist to banter on the subject of whether Narendra Modi's popular meeting with Akshay Kumar was a political trick.

I resembled 'Whaaatttt!!!' Since when did he meet all requirements to turn into a purported master specialist in a rumored news channel. Congress could have improved to send another mouth piece to represent them.

He contended that Narendra Modi's meeting was ethically and politically erroneous. Its political decision time and you ought not do your meeting with a Bollywood entertainer. He attempted to give a relationship 'Envision Tom Cruise taking Donald Trump's meeting!'

When Rahul Kanwal, India Today news have, attempted to contend that previous President Obama gave a meeting in Oprah Winfrey show or current President, Mr Donald Trump came to Ellen DeGeneres Show (I additionally observed Donald Trump in Jimmy Kimmel Live), so what's going on with our Indian PM doing a meeting with VIP! To which our Congress Poster Boy Dhruv Rathee couldn't offer an appropriate response yet contended back that its political decision time and Modi should give interviews in news channel to speak more about public issues.

abhishek rajput

Net Qualified (A.U.) | Posted 11 Sep, 2020

According to me I discovered a few things what is genuine truth in the event of dhruv rathee:-
I have been seeing video's of dhruv rathee from most recent one year. Individuals use to state him one-sided yet in last video of Dr. Kafeel khan I discovered him one-sided following are some confirmation.
In Dr. kafeel khan video he never referenced that the specialist was in private practices he recently referenced that he was rebuffed under CAA, NRC matter.
Likewise, He referenced name of Yogi Adityanath CM, BJP of Uttar pradesh. Where he said that Yogi has been constantly pressurizing Dr. kafeel khan
Presently, The thing is I like to learn on current undertakings and by and large Daily at 7 A.M on Youtube there is a Sir Vishal Parihar who instructs on current issues:-
  • Presently, Vishal sir stated, That Dr kafeel khan was a specialist who was in private practices moreover,
  • He didn't referenced this thing that Dr. kafeel khan was getting pressurized from Yogi Adityanath.  
  • I accept on Vishal Sir he can never be one-sided as he just mentions to that what is truth.  
Thus, for this situation I discover Dhruv Rathee a one-sided individual as referencing thing of Yogi adityanath is I don't think so it is truth. Perhaps Yogi adityanath can be terrible in certain territories yet dhruv rathee should accuse having any verification.
Indeed, You can watch Dhruv Rathee yet for Just Video's he make is Related to some other nations as they may be fair ones or video blogs delivered by him. As I imagine that there is something that Dhruv Rathee doesn't Like BJP Government.