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ashutosh singh

teacher | Posted 11 Aug, 2020 |

What is the shocking secret of Akshay Kumar?

ashutosh singh

teacher | |Updated 12 Aug, 2020

The excursion of progress isn't some tea! This is the account of in all honesty our Bollywood Khiladi Akshay Kumar. 

  • Akshay Kumar has attempted random temp jobs before entering the entertainment world. He has been a Martial Arts warrior in Bangkok, a server, a cook, a guardian, a sales rep, a gems broker before attempting his in the entertainment world. In the wake of owing the bank's lumpsum cash, Akshay wanted to come back to Mumbai and turned into a Martial Arts instructor. And afterward, he began with demonstrating lastly got into acting. 
  • Very few know the mystery behind Akshay Kumar's name. He showed up in the film 'Aaj' (1987), under his original name Rajiv Bhatia in a 16 seconds job as a Karate educator. Afterward, he has said that he picked the name Akshay Kumar after Kumar Gaurav's (fundamental lead) on-screen name in the film. 
  • Pooja Batra is Akshay Kumar's first sweetheart with her. He gets the section in Bollywood's prominent gatherings. Be that as it may, when he gets the film, Akshay said a final farewell to Pooja. 
  • After said a final farewell to Pooja Batra, Akshay Kumar began dating Ayesha Jhulka. Both the stars had the principal taste of fame with their film, 'Khiladi' which was a super hit. This film started the affection between the co-stars. 
  • Akshay and Ayesha's sizzling science turned into the new tattle of the Hollywood. While Ayesha started the arranging of their marriage with Akshay, there was another person remaining at the entryway! 
  • Akshay Kumar said a final farewell to Ayesha Jhulka in light of the fact that he met his new sweetheart, Raveena Tandon. The couple was one of the most discussed couples during the '90s. They at first became companions while going for Mohra in 1994 and started dating in 1995. 
  • They were one much enamored couple, and in the wake of being together for just about three years, everybody was enthusiastically sitting tight for their marriage declaration. As per the talk, the couple got covertly locked in. 
  • One of the most stunning issues of Akshay Kumar was with Rekha. The couple drew near while going for the film 'Khiladiyo Ka Khiladi.' 
  • Rekha was such a great amount of dazzled with Akshay Kumar that she began to bring home-prepared suppers for him. It is said that Rekha was frantically enamored with Akshay, yet their relationship didn't do well since he was dating Raveena at that point. 
  • After twofold dating Rekha and Raveena, Akshay proceeded onward to dating Shilpa Shetty. Their undertaking began from the film 'Mai Khiladi Tu Anari' and finished with 'Dhadkan.' Because Shilpa became more acquainted with that Akshay was at that point dating Twinkle Khanna around then. 
  • Akshay saw Twinkle just because at a photoshoot with a magazine in Mumbai. There Akshay built up a moment squash on Twinkle Khanna.