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What is the significance of -Ekadashi Fast- during Kumbh?


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All festivals in Hindu religion have their own significance. In every month, there is one Purnima (full moon night), and one Amawasya (no moon night); and the eleventh day of every month is referred to as Ekadashi

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Now coming to the time of Kumbh, it is believed to be very auspicious according to Astrology. According to Jyotishacharya Sujit Ji Maharaj, during the time of Kumbh, the importance and significance of Ekadashi are even greater. The fast observed on this day is more important than any other fast. Worshipping Lord Vishnu on this day rids one of all his/her past sins. 

Observing the fast of Ekadashi during Kumbh helps a person attain salvation. 

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How to worship at the time of Ekadashi:

Get up early, during the Brahma Muhurt (4: 24 am to 5: 12 am), take bath, and visit a temple. In front of the idol of Lord Vishnu, light the ghee lamp. Start with worshipping Lord Ganesha, and then start the actual Ekadashi Puja

Please note that Lord Vishnu's worship is more effective when done along with Goddess Laxmi. The enchant Vishnusahastranaam and Shree Sukt. You can also enchant Sundarkaand

Not eating anything bears better fruits. 


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