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Shivam Khare

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What is this -Gay furry-?


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Let us go step by step. Let us first know about gay and furry before explaining gay furry. It will help us to understand exactly what this gay furry is?

What is furry?

Whenever any person depicts a particular animal characteristic, we call that person furry. It has been noticed that such types of people are very much fond of anthropomorphic animals. Now you may question what does anthropomorphic animals mean? It simply means animals showing human features/qualities.

You may wonder how these furries exactly work?

They show their talent or interest in many ways. Some of them work online. While some furries showcase their work in the form of art, writing. Most of the furries wear the costume of a particular animal character.

Now let us discuss gay or homosexual people.

Well, there is a thin line of difference between a homosexual person and a gay.

Homosexual means love or feeling of attraction between the same gender. A female falls in love with a female. On the other side, the attraction between two males can also happen. This second situation is termed gay. When a male cannot resist loving another male, society calls them gay.

Furry Fandom: What is this?

Furry Fandom is a section of people who find anthropomorphic attributes really very interesting. They are human beings only, not any animal. Furry fandom means that part of our culture that depicts certain animals. But they do not lose the power of the human mind. Their facial expressions are in no way different from human beings. They talk with you people and even walk or stand with their two legs. But what additional things are they doing? They wear funny yet interesting animal costumes. The furry fandom subculture has now become famous online too like youtube and others.

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We all know that 'yiff' is used to express slang language. This word has a close connection with the foxes. 'Yiffing' is a sound that takes place when foxes sex with each other. But in terms of the furry fandom, when two or more furries get involved in sexual activities with each other, we call it 'Yiff'. In short, a porn story or pornography of furries relates to 'Yiff'.

Till now, we have understood about gay and furry. Now the question is what is this gay furry? Before that, you should have some idea about furry gay. A male or we can say a gay who feels sexual attraction to both males and animals having fur on their body, is known as a furry gay.

We often hear a question that most people ask furries: Are you a gay furry? Why so? Remove the misconception that all furries are gay. No, it is certainly not. But yes, maximum may be noticed as gay. But, it is a fact that not all furries have a connection with the Lgbt community. So to identify the exact type of furry, many furries hear this question: Are you a gay furry?

So it concludes that a furry who is at the same time homosexual is termed as 'gay furry'.


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