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Raima Mishra

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What is vfx?


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You’ve likely seen Avengers: Endgame.

Remember the now-iconic Captain America vs. Captain America scene?

Here’s how that visually-spectacular scene was made possible…


See all the green screens, imageries, layers, compositing?

That’s VFX or Visual Effects.

VFX is basically creating and manipulating computer-generated imageries and then combining them with the live-action elements.

It integrates a digitally-created object with the real-life footage.

A lot of today’s Hollywood movies – especially the superhero ones – extensively use VFX where a scene cannot be shot or made possible in live-action.

Like these…


(Courtesy: Geeks On Coffee)

Or this

(Courtesy: Toolbox Studio)

Now, there are many different components and nuances to VFX. Generally put, there are five basic techniques:

(i) Green screen
(Courtesy: cvfxbook.com) 

(ii) Rotoscoping
(Courtesy: nofilmschool)

(iii) Matte painting
(Courtesy: YouTube)

(iiii) Physical simulators

(Courtesy: Artstation)

(v) 3D modeling
(Courtesy: CGspectrum)

Of course, the green screen is the most common and popular technique that we know of.

The green background is easily removed from behind the live-action and replaced with a completely different background.

Rotoscoping is another popular method of separating the background and live-action. This is a bit complex and time-consuming, used when there’s no green screen behind the live-action.

Depending on the kind of video one is making, these VFX techniques can be used together at the same time.

There are many advanced and powerful software that are used in VFX. Some of the popular ones include Adobe AfterEffects, Maya, 3Ds Max, and Flame Autodesk. Needless to say, they are all costly.

Hope this answer helps!


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