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Jeena Wilson

Gamer | Posted 07 Jul, 2020 |

What mobile games are suitable for children?

sabares waran

@letsuser | Posted 15 Jul, 2020

Parents should be able to just hand their phone to their kids and let them play. Here are the best kids games for Android!



PBS Kids games.

Pet Bingo by Duck Duck Moose.


Toca Boca games.

Tellurion Mobile

Game Developer | Posted 08 Jul, 2020

For preschool children, the games of the developers BabyBus, Dr. Panda, Toca Boca, and Lego Duplo are best suited. These are the most popular game developers for children on the Play Market. But for older children (from about 7 to 13 years old), we would recommend Realmcraft, as this game will be more interesting for them. In Realmcraft, you can explore the endless world, interact with flora and fauna, build anything using cubes, and even collect complex mechanisms from Redstone. This is a fun educational game for children and teens that improves logic, abstract thinking, and creativity.

Sanjeev Kumar

student | Posted 08 Jul, 2020

You should avoid mobile games during this pandemic, you can play with him indoor games they help you to increase the activity of your children.