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What-s the point of dressing well?


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Have you known about the La Sape or Société des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Élégantes or "Society of Ambiance-Makers and Elegant People"? It is a subculture in Brazzaville, Congo where individuals are dressed this way:
The development was said to either originate from: expansionism back when the French would pay specialists with recycled apparel as opposed to cash or that local staff were given recycled garments to fit in or that Congolese World War II officers brought design things from Paris after the war. In any case, with its dynamic examples and hues, it is a Congolese bend despite provincial belittlement.
They are not rich. On the off chance that you watch Sapeur documentaries, they are frequently observed swaggering the earth lanes of their shantytowns completing a one of a kind stroll to abstain from dirtying their shoes or cleaning the soil off their J.M Weston shoes with a cloth. Suits are indulged and kept in their defensive covers and hand washed with water despite the fact that water is hard to come by. They take out home advances of 3.8 million francs or 3800 USD or put something aside for a long time just to manage the cost of their Kenzo or Armani suits as they don't purchase fakes. One Sapeur Maxime Pivot even spent his cash on a suit as opposed to purchasing a plot of land. For what reason do they do it?
"When you spruce up, you truly are the best, the ruler of shading." - Maxime Pivot
"At my age of 78, with the Sape I don't get old, I'm perpetually youthful."
"The Sapeurs have said to me heaps of times that when they get spruced up, when they go out and put on a show, they overlook their issues. They feel upbeat."
"You can't battle or get alcoholic when no doubt about it," "My garments are unreasonably costly for that," Elyfontaine says, grinning, before confronting move once more.
The Sapeurs can just exist in peacetime," "To me they're an indication of better things: security, peacefulness. They show that our country is coming back to ordinary life following quite a while of common war." - Atipault
"It's a lifestyle and it's a method for having pride in yourself. It carries a feeling of significance to their lives."
"A Congolese sapeur is a glad man regardless of whether he doesn't eat, in light of the fact that wearing legitimate garments encourages the spirit and offers delight to the body."
"The Sapeur is a model of honorable conduct and peculiarities; it's additionally the language he utilizes, the manner in which he strolls," says Mediavilla. "How you treat individuals is significant. For a man to be a Sapeur he should be delicate, he should not be forceful, he should be against war, he should be quiet tempered."
What is the purpose of dressing admirably?
When you put on a spruce suit, your certainty builds, you act in an unexpected way, you expect an alternate persona, status, way of life and even emerge from the group. You pass on to the world and yourself that life will and can be better. Dressing admirably may be viewed as trifling and shallow however to some extent, recognition is everything. On the off chance that it ingrains pride in oneself and one's capacities… that can be a great thing.

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