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Sumil Yadav

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What should a smartphone user take care of?


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Some Useful Tips for using smartphones—

Never install a number of apps on your android. It slows the processor as well as drains your battery life.
Never install battery saving apps (No Offense). They drains a lot more battery by running in the background. Instead you can use inbuilt power saving mode provided by the manufacturer.

Cache is nothing but the temporily stored data files for the application you used oftenly. For example, when you constantly use Google Maps, it will automatically download some maps for your location, so that, it has to never use the internet to download the same thing everytime you open the app. These files (saved by the Apps itself) is Cache which is in either way useful only for you. So think 100 times before removing it.

Want your mobile to charge fast— Switch On Airplane Mode while Charging. Want to charge more fast— Switch off your Mobile and see the effect.

Lock and locate your lost phone—With Find My Device app, you can locate your lost phone and erase all data on it remotely.

Setup automatically phone unlock when you are at home—Use Smart Lock (in most android phones) to do this.
Want to customize your Android-Use Launcher to get your desired style. Action Launcher is one of my favourite.
Use Night Mode to remove blue light from your phone at night times to give less strain on your eyes.


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There’s no denying that our life today, is incomplete without smartphones. The necessity and importance of smartphones these days has increased exponentially. Smartphones have taken the communication to a whole new level with news apps, social media support, chat messengers, video calls and face times, and what not!


Being a smartphone user however, does not come that easy. Here are some points that you need to keep in mind while using a smartphone:

• Using smartphone while it’s getting charged affects its battery life adversely. It either stops getting charged, or starts taking longer time in getting charged.

• You can acquire Cubital tunnel syndrome due to excessive use of smartphone. Using smartphone with only one arm posture can affect your arm (elbows, specifically), which is the root cause of this syndrome.

• This is a common knowledge that there should be considerable amount of distance between your mobile phone and your eyes. What most of the people don’t know, however, is that they should avoid sleeping with their smartphone under or beside their pillow.

• Never ever plug in earphones for listening to songs while your phone is getting charged. It can result in electric shock.

• Remove mobile’s cover when it is getting charged. This will prevent your smartphone from getting excessively heated up.

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Get a decent case that covers the body just as the screen. I use wallet type telephone covers and had no issue up until this point.

Get a top notch glass screen defender. In the event that something impacts the screen, you just need to supplant the defender as opposed to the costly screen.

In the event that you tend to drop your telephone, check if your telephone has a wrist tie point. On the off chance that it does, get a decent wrist tie and use it constantly.

Except if your telephone has some IP affirmation (Ingress insurance from residue and water), get it far from water no matter what.


Make an effort not to overheat your telephone. An overheated gadget has progressively electrical obstruction that puts more strain on the battery. This equitable abbreviates the battery life.

Approach the maker for best practices in charging your telephone. Cling to those practices as much as could reasonably be expected.


Become more acquainted with the specs and constraints of your telephone. Never attempt to pack a great deal of applications since you think it looks cool. As the capacity tops off, after some point it will back off.

Apply tenacity test on your applications. On the off chance that an application stays for about fourteen days without being utilized, you most likely needn't bother with it any longer. Uninstall it. You can generally reinstall it later.

On the off chance that you intend to tune in to music disconnected or potentially take a ton of photographs, put resources into a great SDXC card that has in any event a similar measure of capacity your telephone has. Try not to embed and evacuate that card now and then.

Continuously utilize the first charger and link that accompanied your telephone. Get an extra set when you can. Dispose of any frayed/broken links.


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