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Naveen Kumar

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What should be the perfect daily routine to be followed for leading a healthy life?


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Good health is the consequence of good lifestyle. Believe it or not, but how you lead your life has a direct impact on your health.

So planning on a routine which involves a set time for all your chores, office work, recreational activities, and exercise leads to a healthy life in a long run. Here are some ways in which you can improve your health, both physically and mentally, by improving your lifestyle.


• Make it a habit of waking up early. Be it a Monday or a Sunday, it should be in your routine to wake up at a particular time as irregular sleeping schedules affect your health. Also, you should not be needing any stimulant for waking up.

• Only a regular sleeping schedule is not going to make a difference. An improved lifestyle also involves regular diet and meal timings. Learn to say no whenever your favorite food is offered to you untimely. Take food only at proper intervals.

• Never ever skip your breakfast as it is the most important meal of the whole day. You should have something wholesome for breakfast, and if you are often running out of time, find out something easy to make for breakfast.

• It’s okay if your productivity is not much early in the morning. Just be sure you identify the time at which you are able to be the most productive and utilize it likewise.

• Your daily routine should be well organized and pre planned. When you get up in the morning, spend 10 minutes just to plan what all is to be done by you today and what is going to be the order.

• Just like in morning, you should spend 10-15 minutes in contemplation at night, before going to bed. It helps you have a roadmap in front of you and also lets you know about your capabilities for achieving your goals.

• Keep at least 15-20 minutes for yoga, meditation, or exercise every day. This should not be skipped at any cost.


• Try enjoy whatever you do and whatever you are expected to do. It will keep your mentally healthy. 

• Don’t skip recreational activities, even if it’s just listening to music for some time.   

• Incorporate fruits, salad, and juices in your diet.

• Try sleeping before 11 pm at night and try to take a power nap at least once in mid-day.

• Try having dinner before 8 pm.

Incorporating these points in your daily routine will definitely make you a healthier and happier person.


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