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Sumil Yadav

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What three colors look best together?


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Blends of individual...

White: joins with all the fixings, particularly blue, red and dark.
Beige: joins with blue, dark colored, emerald, dark, red, white.
Dark: consolidates with fuchsia, red, violet, pink, blue.
Pink: joins with dark colored, white, mint green, olive, dim, turquoise, light blue.
Fuchsia (dim pink): consolidates with dark, yellow-darker, lime, mint green, darker.
Red: joins with yellow, white, fulvous, green, blue, dark.
Tomato-red: joins with cyan, mint green, sand, smooth white, dark.
Cherry-red: joins with purplish blue, dark, light-orange, sandy, light yellow, beige.
Raspberry-red: joins with white, dark, damask rose.
Darker: consolidates with splendid cyan, cream, pink, grovel, green, beige.
Light-darker: consolidates with light yellow, cream-white, blue, green, purple, red.
Dim dark colored: joins with lime-yellow, cyan, mint green, purple-pink, lime.
Rosy darker: joins with pink, dim darker, blue, green, purple.
Orange: joins with cyan, blue, lilac, violet, white, dark.
Light-orange: joins with dim, darker, olive.
Dim orange: consolidates with light yellow, olive, darker, cherry.
Yellow: joins with blue, lilac, light-cyan, violet, dim, dark.
Lemon-yellow: joins with cherry-red, dark colored, blue, dim.
Light yellow: joins with fuchsia, dim, darker, shades of red, yellowish darker, blue, purple.
Brilliant yellow: joins with dim, darker, sky blue, red, dark.
Olive: joins with orange, light-dark colored, darker.
Green: joins with brilliant dark colored, orange, serving of mixed greens green, yellow, darker, dim, cream, dark, velvety white.
Serving of mixed greens green: consolidates with darker, yellowish-darker, grovel, dim, dim blue, red, dim.
Turquoise: consolidates with fuchsia, cherry-red, yellow, darker, cream, dim violet.
Electric hues: consolidates with brilliant yellow, darker, light darker, dim, or silver.
Cyan: consolidates with red, dark, brown, orange, pink, white, yellow.
Dull blue: joins with light-lilac, cyan, yellowish-green, darker, dim, light yellow, orange, green, red, white.
Lilac: consolidates with orange, pink, dim violet, olive, dark, yellow, white.
Dull violet: joins with brilliant darker, light yellow, dim, turquoise, mint green, light-orange.
Dark is an all inclusive shading — it glances exquisite in any mix, particularly with orange, pink, plate of mixed greens green, white, red, mauvish, or yellow.


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