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Terry Hua

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What to do when you hit a wall after study hard


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Letsdiskuss After a long time continuous study hard, our body and brain want a little break means relaxation. The things we focus our attention on can influence our thoughts, actions and our lives. We should not take so much stress. Success is not something that comes overnight, it takes time and needs more and more practice. 

You can take short breaks every hour or so to stay in top condition. When you are studying try to take a break for 10 min after every one hour, it's very good for you. Take deep breathing helps your muscles to relax, relieve stress and also boosts mental clarity. 

To overcome this hard schedule of studies you can do the following: 

  • Take 2-3 days off from study and do something fun
  • go for movies
  • plan a dinner with friends
  • can go for a long drive
  • Go for a walk

These can help you in relaxing after a long and hard study. 


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