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Posted 20 Feb, 2019 |

What Will be Future of Nano-Technology?

Siddhi Agarwal

@student | Posted 17 Mar, 2019

Nano-technology is the branch of technology that deals with substances on an atomic/molecular scale. Generally the dimension of such substances is less than 100 nanometres. Scientists and researchers are quite skeptical regarding the future of this field. Many scientific as well as non scientific speculations in the world have predicted that the self replicating nano particle may attack the humanity and be the reason of its doom. However a more futuristic vision of this technology includes its use for diagnosis and therapies by its introduction in the body and blood stream and also for developing new weapons capable of a mass destruction.

The field of nano-technology has been sub- divided by various researchers into further categories:

# Incremental Nano-technology

# Evolutionary Nano-technology

# Radical Nano-technology

This bifurcation helps in clearly defining their roles and uses in the present time and how they can be developed in the future as well.

Another vision for this branch includes nano-scale fabrication done by development of complex miniature structures. This process would employ min vehicles and tiny robots as well. This concept has received a little criticism for the sole reason of ignoring the impact of scaling on the underlying laws of Physics.

Recently a new field has been emerging from this field. It is known as Bionanotechnology. it is the introduction of nanotechnology into living organisms studying its role, importance and future in them. This emerging field has been searching for connections between nanotechnology and molecular Biology.

Like every other field of technology definite and accurate predictions for nanotechnology are impossible. However, these are the ones believed to occur by the majority.