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Medha singh kapoor

B.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication) | Posted 08 Aug, 2018 |

When and how did famous cricketer Dilip Sardesai die?

nayank kanika

delhi | Posted 30 Mar, 2020

He kicked the bucket on 2 July from different organ disappointment. The last ceremonies were performed by Rajdeep at Mumbai's Chandanwadi crematorium the next day. Sardesai was prominently known as 'Sardee-Singh'. During his fruitful 1970–71 visit there, Sardesai was asked at the air terminal whether he had anything to announce

Ajay Paswan

Physical Education Trainer | Posted 08 Aug, 2018

Well, someone’s birthday is usually not a great day to commemorate his death but that’s alright. Let’s not discuss about Dilip Sardesai’s death only but about his whole life and career.

So first thing that you should know about the Indian cricketer, Dilip Sardesai, is that he was one of the five Indian Cricket Cricketer of the year in 1960-61 and today, Google is celebrating his 78th birthday with a doodle. Moreover, he is popular as best Indian batsman against spin bowling. Dilip Sardesai’s cricket team was in Indian Universities in 1960-61, against Pakistan, in Pune.

He’s not the only achiever in his family though. His wife, Nandini, is a sociologist and a member of the Indian Censor Board for Motion Pictures. Rajdeep Desai, his son is a journalist and has formerly worked as the Editor-in-chief in IBN 18 network. Dilip Dardesi’s daughter, Shonali Sardesai is a senior social scientist in the World Bank in Washington.

Now finally coming to his death, that came to Dilip Sardesai on 2nd July 2007 because of chest infection.

(Courtesy: Cricket Country)