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When Is The International Earth Day Observed And Why Is It So Important?


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International earth day is observed on 22 April worldwide. Today, on 22 April, earth day 2021, is the 51st earth day worldwide. It became a global advancing moment since the day it was started. It was founded by United States Senator Gaylord Nelson on April 22, 1970, as an initiative to safeguard earth from the cruelty of humans and technology and continue to sustainable growth.

If you think why is earth day celebrated? The answer is, this day is a reminder for everyone busy in their lives, to spare time and thoughts to take a step to safeguard our mother earth from being destroyed and make it easier to future generations to sustain on earth. The theme for Earth day 2021 is “Restore our earth”. It is the collective duty of every citizen residing on earth to protect its prosperity.
Here are 3 ways in which you can take a step to save our mother earth and contribute to this drive.
1) Reduce, reuse and recycle – It is a way which we are acquainted with for years. But do we follow it? This earth day, take an oath to follow the 3R principle wherever you can. This would ensure your future generation a better life. However rich you are, learn to reuse and recycle things. Do not contribute to waste production and dispose of waste properly. Reduce unnecessary usage of fueled machines, smoke-creating equipment, etc.
2) Make wise choices – There are many options available in the market for everything. Choose the ones which cause the least harm to nature. Zero waste grocery stores are greatly contributing to this. You can be a part of it. If you are willing, you can find sustainable and environment-friendly options for each of your requirements. Switch to green energy if affordable.
3) Save and protect – To save the mother earth, we need to save its basic components: Water, air, and soil. Try to save water as much as you can, avoid spillage and wastage of water and promote others to do so. Plant more trees around you. Do not try to disturb the natural equilibrium if possible.
There are many other steps which you know already. Small steps make the change so begin soon.
A step taken for the earth is a step taken for our well-being.



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