When people say “you can manifest anything”, why does it seem so hard, or take so long? - letsdiskuss
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Kaamya Bajaj

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When people say “you can manifest anything”, why does it seem so hard, or take so long?


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When you understand that your subconscious mind is the ***** and will take any order/suggestion/instruction given to it by your conscious mind, then, you can manifest anything. The subconscious is also called the habit-forming mind, where your ingrained habits are executed by you without any conscious “thinking” effort going into the execution of the task. That's because it takes your conscious thought/desire and becomes a deeply ingrained habit. Your desires originate in your conscious mind as a thought and when “held” long enough, strong enough, and passionately enough in the conscious mind, it becomes a subconscious habit.


You can manifest anything when you have sowed the seed of that desire in fertile ground. The seed of that desire, just like a seed planted by a gardener and watered and nourished well will grow into the manifestation of your desire. The seed that you have sowed has to be fostered and nourished and not have any obstruction to its “germination”. By “obstruction” I mean that desire or seed cannot be fed or given any conflicting thoughts. And it must be sowed in “fertile” ground of positive thinking, and habits.
You see your subconscious does not understand or distinguish between the numinous thoughts that your conscious mind is processing all day long. It just takes your thought/desire and goes to work on it. All that is expected of you is to allow it and you can manifest anything.


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