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Rashmi Choudhary

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When should I see a doctor abouta backache?


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We often call backache as back pain. Back pain can occur in your lower back or upper back or both.

Are you suffering from back pain? It's very painful. Right? Well, you may notice people sitting for a long time in a particular posture often complain about backaches. Even housewives, those who need to do heavy lifts or other activities, suffer a lot from back pain. Sometimes badly fitted backpacks are also dangerous for backaches.

Most people ignore the pain in their back. But a continuous ignorance of back pain can convert it into chronic backache disease. And it takes a lot of time and effort to get rid of chronic back pain.

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Oh! These are the warning signs when you must see a doctor in case of backache! So try to answer these questions by yourself:

1.Do you feel weak for the maximum time? Is there any tingling sensation or numbness in parts of your legs or arms?

2.Is your pain still there even after consuming any painkiller? Or do you feel any shooting pain down your legs or arms?

3.Is the back pain so high that you are unable to perform daily household activities?

4.Do you feel the back pain is out of your control specifically at night time?

5.Do you find it almost impossible to control bowels or bladder?

6.Is there any numbness in your hips?

After answering the questions, try to count the number of 'Yes' answers. If 'Yes' comes in at least one answer, you must consult a doctor. These are the warning signs that one must not ignore.

So do not forget to see an orthopedist as soon as any of the back pain symptoms are noticeable. It will help you to avoid future negative consequences due to prolonged backache.


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