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Posted 27 Feb, 2019 |

Which is the best bike for short heighted girls?

Fairy Kumar

@Blogger | Posted 27 Feb, 2019

It feels so good when girls show an interest in riding a bike. Bike riding is indeed a very special experience for anyone. And, the road trips just come as the additional perks to it. Well talking about different bikes, we basically have city bikes, cruisers, and sports bike. City bikes are usually light in weight and are also comparatively smaller than the other two. But if you want to go for something trendy, then these are not the adventure-driven things.
Sports bikes and cruisers are the best for long road trips because they come with comfort and the amazing speed. If you are a short heighed person, then sports bikes are surely a no but only till the time you gain experience in riding a bike. Once you are trained in it, then it will all come down to your riding skills.

For the initial period when you are a fresh rider then try to practice on bikes which are lighter in weight and are having a short height. For example Passion, CT 100, Splendor, etc. These bikes are easy to handle and meant for people with any height.
Once you are confident enough riding on them, switch to cruisers. Trust me these are the saviors of all the short heighted bike riders. They have very low seat and are completely comfortable to go for long rides. Go for Bajaj Avenger Street or Cruise, depending upon your taste. These are surely heavy but make you feel like the queen!
Keep going, Girls!!