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Ram kumar

Technical executive - Intarvo technologies | Posted 06 Feb, 2019 |

Which is your favorite Ayushmann Khurrana tweet?

Jessy Chandra

Fashion enthusiast | |Updated 06 Feb, 2019

Talking of favourites, that’s what Ayushmann Khurrana is for everyone. This former Roadie is not just a great actor, but a beautiful singer, a music composer, and had also been a VJ. Such talent, much wow! And the list doesn’t end here either. It goes on to include his most recently-discovered hobby-cum-talent –that of writing couplets and short poems.

ayushmann-khurrana-tweets-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Livemint)

He keeps sharing his poetical and philosophical thoughts on Twitter for his followers, and they have found yet another reason to love and admire him.

In his couplets and poems, he does not just capture nature but also relates to the contemporary 21st-century realities. One just can’t stop wondering how layers this man has still to shed, because, with each one, he is ascending the stairs of everyone’s admiration.

Following are some of his tweets that constitute the list of my favourites.

This is the best, and damn relatable! 


And this philosophical take on adulting.....

Brace yourself, March is here! 


The modern gestures captured beautifully...


Major Ghalib feels...


And we can even learn love from Ayushmann! 


Just like a true poet, he knows the importance of silence. 


I love this one for the simile...

Hope you find them beautiful too!