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Rohit Valiyan

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Which soup is beneficial for us in winters? How to make it?


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Catching a cold and cough in winters is nothing unusual, be it kids or adults. Since they are just acute illnesses, we often try to treat them with home remedies only. One of these remedies is mixed vegetable soup. It has the nutrients of multiple vegetables and hence benefits our body in winters by keeping it strong and warm.

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I always go for a hot bowl of mixed vegetable soup whenever my son catches a cold. You can also serve it as snacks or starters in winters, even when you don’t have a cold.

Let’s see how it is made.


• Mushrooms (Diced): ½ cup
• Beans (chopped): ½ cup
• Carrot (chopped): ½ cup
• Onion (finely chopped): ½ cup
• Capsicum (chopped): ½ cup
• Cauliflower (chopped): ½ cup
• Semolina: 50 grams
• Edible oil: As per requirement
• Chat Masala: 1 tablespoon
• Salt: According to taste
• Vegetable Stock: ½ liter


• Heat one tablespoon of oil in a pan. Add all the chopped and diced vegetables in it, add salt, and fry.

• Add semolina and keep mixing until it reaches evenly to all the vegetables.

• Now pour vegetable stock in the pan and let it boil. Add some water too.

• Sprinkle Chat masala.

• Serve hot.


Blogger | Posted on

foods that can help keep you warm during the cold snap
  1. Chilli. Hot chilli peppers contain the compound capsaicin, which gives them their spicy kick. ...
  2. Onions. ...
  3. Ginger tea. ...
  4. Turmeric. .


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