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Which SUV is better to buy Hexa or XUV500?


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Technical specifications comparison:

Hexa has 203 mm larger in length than compared to XUV 500, Hexa has 13 mm more width and 6 mm more height than compared to XUV500, both has same displacement of 2179 cc. Hexa has 150 mm more wheelbase than compared to XUV 500.

Fuel type for Hexa is Diesel whereas for XUV 500 is Petrol. Hexa has 154 bhp @ 4000 rpm in diesel max power than the XUV 500 has 138 bhp @ 4500 rpm max power in petrol and Hexa has 400 Nm @ 1700 rpm max Torque than XUV 500 has 320 Nm @ 2000 rpm.

Mileage for Hexa is 14.4 Kmpl.

Ground Clearance for both is same 200 mm. 

Extra features in Hexa: 
• Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and Traction Control System (TC/TCS) available in Hexa.

• 12V Power Outlets for both is 3.

• Cabin-Boot Access, Cooled Glove Box, Automatic Head Lamps, Glove Box Lamp, Distance to Empty, Shift Indicator, Instantaneous Consumption, GPS Navigation System, and iPod Compatibility are the extra features available in Hexa.

• Brake Assist (BA) extra features of Hexa.

Extra features in XUV500:

• Both has Engine immobilizer, Speed sensing door lock, and Child safety lock. 

• Leather wrapped gear knob available in XUV500.

• Lumber support is available only for drivers in XUV500.

• Rain sensing wiper is available in XUV500.

• Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), Keyless Start/ Button Start, DVD Playback are the extra features available in XUV 500.

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