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Alborz Azar

Author | Posted 13 Apr, 2021 |

Which type of books are most popular?

aakansha Tejwani

student | Posted 19 Apr, 2021

Books are said to be the best friends of a person. Books make you learn everything and each one has his/her own interests about books. Some like just books are it nay and some like a particular genre.
According to the analysis made in recent years, the romance genre is found to be the most popular type of book. Books are available in different forms like printed copies, online text form and audiobook. This is decided by the sales graph.

The most sold genre is romance. While the most profitable sold books are of the fiction genre. The romance genre has also its types like a paranormal, historical, or movie-based novel. These distinct kinds attract more readers. Readers are more attracted due to the emotional touch made by the novel. With that, they seem to fantasize about the romance storyline in their life which makes them happy for a while. Happy endings of the books provide the reader with the full satisfaction of reading a long novel which generally is involved in romance books. Since a large number of teenagers are involved in reading novels, they tend to prefer these. Though it ranges for all the age period and gender. More than half of the readers of romance books are women.
Be it romance or any other genre, books develop our mental state and social skills.