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Who invented Bollywood?


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  • India is world illustrious for its cinema. Harischandra Sakharam Bhatavdekar arranged the foundations of Indian cinema in 1899.
  • The name film industry could be a combination of city (Mumbai’s recent name) and Hollywood and it's usually accustomed summarize all movies created in India. whereas film industry is that the center of the Hindi film industry, movies area unit created in different regions and native languages also.
  • Bombay became the middle of India’s Hindi cinema business once the Lumiere brothers, World Health Organization came there for the primary time in 1896 to introduce their creation- the cinematograph.
  • Dadasaheb Phalke is taken into account the daddy of Indian cinema since he was the primary one to create a full-length motion-picture show in 1913. In it, each male and feminine characters were compete by men.
  • His motion-picture show galvanized many folks World Health Organization presently started creating films or operating in motion-picture show production. By the 1930’s two hundred movies per annum were created in India.
  • The first Indian film with sound was “Alam Ara”, that was premiered in 1931. Six years later, in 1937, Kisan Kanya became the primary Indian color motion-picture show.



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