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phd student Allahabad university | Posted | others

Who is the biggest threat to Intel and AMD, other than themselves?


phd student Allahabad university | Posted

  • Intel makes SSDs, network cards, and lower end SoCs and has critical piece of the pie in each one of those zones. They likewise run their own semiconductor fabs.
    • On the SSD front, they have various contenders Samsung, Micron, Western Digital, and so on Realtek, Broadcom, and a couple of others contend on the systems administration side. There are additionally a lot of spending plan SoC producers infringing on the low end an area, for example, MediaTek, Qualcomm, and Nvidia.
    • On the foundry front, Intel kind of rivals a couple of others like TSMC and Samsung… yet much of the time not actually straightforwardly as they don't sell out an enormous measure of their ability.
    • AMD makes discrete designs which are a critical lump of their business, and is in quite substantial rivalry with Nvidia on that front.
    • In the event that you think about a danger to both, it would presumably be Nvidia-however I'd say Nvidia isn't in gigantic rivalry with Intel.
    • Apple isn't the greatest danger to either Intel or AMD. Apple won't be such a danger in view of their all-top notch plan of action and the way that you're becoming tied up with an environment when you buy their items. Many individuals (both individual shoppers and organizations) are not ready to forfeit the huge equipment decision accessible to secure in the Mac environment.
    • I would say it would be an alternate story if either Intel or AMD had significant presence in the versatile market (making things like cell phone/tablet equipment). Nonetheless, neither does. The main direct contender with Apple in that space is Qualcomm.



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