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manish singh

phd student Allahabad university | Posted | others

Who is the most overrated warrior described in the Mahabharata?


phd student Allahabad university | Posted

I believe Arjuna to be the most misrepresented and celebrated champion in the whole Mahabharata.

- Yes peope state that Arjuna accomplished numerous accomplishments like defetaing Nivatkavachas, Kalakanjas, Defeating all the Devas incorporating indra alongside Lord Krishna, vanquishing Gandharvas, Defeating whole Kauravas armed force and heroes like Bhisma, Drona, Karna in virat war… and so forth

- But they don't specify that Indra had a help from Brahma that he will execute those nivatkavachas in another body (i.e Arjuna child of Indra), they don't make reference to that Brahma concluded that kalakanjas are bound to be murdered by a human (i.e Arjuna), they don't specify that Arjuna never genuinely crushed Indra, Indra just halted in view of the Akashvani said as much, they don't specify that Gandharvas alongside Chitrasena are just battling gently and were sent by Indra to secure Pandavas and catch duryodhana, they don't specify that in virat war champions like Bhisma, Drona..etc are battling Arjuna indifferently and Arjuna had a celestial Gandiva bow, endless quivers and Lord Hanuman's assurance for him and his chariot. Likewise Arjuna just fighted them one on one, when all the Maharathas began to come in gathering he utilized sammohanastra and disappeared. They don't specify how Arjuna had the insurance of Lord Krishna, master Hanuman, how ruler Shiva is battling in the interest of Arjuna, his shelter from ruler shiva for victory..etc in kurukshetra war.

- Many individuals don't specify how he failed to remember how to utilize divyastras, failed to remember pashupastra twice, failed to remember Bhagavad-Gita for which master Krishna admonished him, how yudhishthr reprimanded him for his absence of information, how he broke numerous promises like brahmacharya pledge, securing the officers in need when Drona and karna are slaughtering them, how he fled from Drona twice in spite of the fact that he took a promise that he will battle when tested till death, his bow to subhadra..etc.

- They don't specify how he alongside his siblings executed honest Nishadas, how he shared his significant other like donations without her assent, how he stole honest and sweet Subhadra, how he craved for Chitrangda, how he attempted to murder his own sibling only for a dumb pledge.

- They don't specify how Bhisma crushed him twice, how Drona vanquished him twice and called him quitter, how he fled from Karna's Bhargavastra indicating his powerlessness to counter it and how his troopers are imploring Arjuna to shield them from karna, how he was vanquished by samsthapakas and ruler Hanuman and Krishna caused him, how susharma, achyutas, sruyuthas, dhritavarman, sudhakshina, Bhagadatta and his elephant supratika almost executed him, how he was whipped by saindhava infantrymen, Dwaraka burglars and how kid Bhaarbuvan murdered him in a solitary shot.

- Apart from these they don't make reference to how he was saved from Karna's Vasavi sakthi, Nagastra, Brahmastra, Bhagadatta's vaishnavastra, Bhagadatta's elephant, heavenly mace of ,, Ashwatthama's Narayanastra… .and so forth by Lord Krishna, Lord Hanuman and ruler Shiva.

As I would see it Arjuna is the most misrepresented and celebrated hero in the whole Mahabharata.



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