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Amit Dhaneya

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Who made the first water powered car?


Software engineer at HCL technologies | Posted on

The making of a car that runs on water instead of fuel is no wonder today. In fact, the matter of wonder is why these cars are not being made available to masses despite all the hue and cry over petrol and diesel prices. Well, the technology has an intricate relation with the market, which says that this clean and green way of running cars is not required as such.

Coming to your question, the concept of a water powered car was given, for the first time, by Stan Allen Meyer, who was not given much attention by media and manufacturers. In fact, how he was poisoned due to his revolutionary invention in 1998 is a great controversy now. According to the controversy, his claims were even called to be fraudulent to demonstrate the simple reaction of electrolysis for as a technological revolution.


Stan Allan Meyer demonstrated how he has developed a technology to split water molecules and utilize the resultant Hydrogen to run the cars.

After Stan Meyer, the technology was reintroduced by a Japanese company, Genepax, in 2008. Based in Osaka, Japan, the company made the revolutionary claim of running car through water. But that company was shut down within one year of making this claim.

The unfortunate shutting down of the company and the poisoning of the man who introduced such a favorable technology was not a coincidence. They were made silent so that the technology don’t disrupt the million dollar market of petrol and diesel on which cars run on today.

Introduction of the technology of running cars on water and saving the exhaustible fossil fuels is a great threat and loss to the fuel industry all over.


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