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Who will win the 2019 Cricket World Cup in England?


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We're now in the very last leg of 2019 Cricket world cup in England. The stage is set.

India will face New Zealand in the first semi-final on 9th July.

Australia will face England in the second semi-final on 11th July.

The winners of both the matches will clash in the final on Sunday, July 14th.

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Cricket Australia)

Of course, a very basic answer to your question "Who will win the 2019 Cricket World Cup in England" is NO ONE KNOWS.

All these four teams have played exceptionally well throughout the tournament. So, they all stand an equal chance to win the 2019 world cup.

However, as it looks now, we might be heading to an epic clash in the final between India and England.

In the semi-finals, India will beat New Zealand, and there's a good chance that, thanks to home ground advantage, England will beat Australia. (Although, of course, Australia won’t give up that easily.)

And then in the final, we'll see India vs. England for the second time in the tournament. The men in blue (or men in orange) has only one defeat this 2019 world cup and it came at the hands of England.

world-cup-2019-finals-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Gulfnews)

So, the final could be the perfect time to avenge that loss with a bigger and historic win.

BUT defeating England, on its own home ground, is difficult. And India doesn’t have a very bright track record in doing that. So, it's going to be a tough battle for India.

The whole setup of World Cup 2019 now looks exceptionally interesting. We've had a great buildup till this stage. Any team can win.

world-cup-2019-finals-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Yahoo! Sports)

As Indians though, we would only hope that it's India's victory and that the team picks the cup for the third time in history. (And, of course, nothing could be a bigger send-off for MS Dhoni, who’s likely playing his last few matches, than a world cup victory.)

world-cup-2019-finals-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: CrickTracker)


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