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Vanisha Anand

Vanisha Anand

Student | Posted 11 May, 2021 |

Who wrote Ramayan?

Khyati Anand

Khyati Anand

student | Posted 11 May, 2021

Ramayan one of the great epics of ancient India, depicts the life of Rama , the legendary prince of Ayodhya.  One of the largest ancient epic was written in Sanskrit by Valmiki, who is one of the most celebrated poet in Sanskrit literature. The epic consists of 24000 sholkas and 7 cantos. Ramayan is composed of  480,002 words,and was written by Valmiki from 500 BCE to 100B CE. Valmiki was honored by  the title of Adi Kavi . 
G. Sudheer Kumar


Posted 11 May, 2021

There are two major sanskrit epics of india. They are "Ramayana" And "Mahabharata".Ramayana is written by Valmiki, it is all about the legendary prince of ayodhya city in kingdom of kosala. It forms the hindu itihasa. It's main theme is heroism, duty, honor, loyalty, morality, teaching, storytelling, and the main Good vs evil. Who wrote Ramayan?