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Whom do you consider the best leader-statesman in human history?


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Chankya, born in ancient Indian kingdom of Magadh in 375 BCE. His father was imprisoned for treason by the emperor of Magadh when Chanakya was just a kid. His father dies in prison , his mother died too when she he heard about the death of her husband.

A helpless kid in the capital of Magadh then decides to depart to ancient Indian university city of Taxila. He finished in studies in Taxila and became professor of political science in Taxila university. Then he decides to come to Magadh to find about the situation of education in his hometown. Coincidentally there was a conference going in king's court and when the ministry comes to know about the presence of professor from the prestigious university of Taxila, they invite him to the conference. He is insulted by the king due to some reason and leaves the conference in between and then returns to his old home whose memory has been haunting him for ages. After meeting his childhood friends he leaves for Taxila and on his way he meets a teenager in the streets of Magadh playing with his friends , pretending to be a king delivering his verdict for a crime. He is deeply impressed by the king's verdict and asks the teenager about his education. Kid replies being born in a lower class he is not allowed to study. But he was so impressed by the kid that he decides to mentor him and takes with him to Taxila after talking to his mother.


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Chankya, conceived in antiquated Indian realm of Magadh in 375 BCE. His dad was detained for conspiracy by the head of Magadh when Chanakya was only a child. His dad bites the dust in jail , his mom kicked the bucket too when she he found out about the passing of her significant other.

A defenseless child in the capital of Magadh then chooses to withdraw to old Indian college city of Taxila. He completed in concentrates in Taxila and became educator of political theory in Taxila college. At that point he chooses to come to Magadh to discover about the circumstance of schooling in his old neighborhood. Adventitiously there was a meeting going in ruler's court and when the service comes to think about the presence of educator from the esteemed college of Taxila, they welcome him to the gathering. He is offended by the lord because of some explanation and leaves the meeting in the middle of and afterward re-visitations of his old home whose memory has been frequenting him for a very long time. In the wake of meeting his beloved companions he leaves for Taxila and on his way he meets a young person in the roads of Magadh playing with his companions , professing to be a ruler conveying his decision for a wrongdoing. He is profoundly dazzled by the lord's decision and gets some information about his schooling. Child answers being conceived in a lower class he isn't permitted to contemplate. In any case, he was so intrigued by the child that he chooses to guide him and takes with him to Taxila in the wake of conversing with his mom.

A long time passes and young person turns into a grown-up and a specialist in fighting and studies. Days were passing incredible for every one of them and around 325 BCE, the incomparable Alexander comes to approach Taxila with his extraordinary armed force. Lord of Taxila, Ambhi Raj clears a path for Alexander and guarantees him his warriors and free give Alexander triumph to India. The gore in different realms starts in light of foul play of Ambhiraj. Alexander comes to the panchanad realm where he faces ruler Porus close to the banks of Jhelum ( hydespes). Porus is vanquished yet Alexander's military endures hefty loses however proceeds with his success further with the assistance of Porus once more. In any case, the Greeks currently were losing their ethics in light of setbacks, they defy their head lastly Alexander consents to his fighters solicitation of retreat. A large number of his warriors and authority choose to get comfortable vanquished land with the end goal of administration.

While on the opposite side Chanakya was making a decent attempt to persuade all the lords of Mahajandpads to oppose Alexander with an assembled armed force in which he bombed clearly. This damages Chankya an excessive amount of on the grounds that he had consistently considered land from the Himalayas to cove of Bengal in the East and Indian Ocean in the south as one substance.

Despite the fact that Alexander had effectively vanquished north western India yet it's administration was difficult particularly the Taxila where started to convey profound contempt towards their ruler for giving up. The realm of Taxila gets place for the insubordination with Chanakya as it's organizer who was viewed as best teacher in the best college of India. Parcel of Indian fighters will not hurt their own kin for the Greek and Greeks start to free power over their vanquished domain gradually. The youngster as well, presently known as Chandragupta was assuming significant function in the insubordination in binding together Indian officers who battled for the Greeks however now understood their missteps and leaving the military.

Retaliate starts following a year or two with Chandragupta as the head of the resistance. Ranchers gave them food, moms gave their youngster and jewelleries and educators have their keenness to help the defiance. Presently you can hear each youngster in the Mahajandpads speeking against the Greek for opportunity. At the point when officers are shipped off stifle the defiance, Chandragupta's powers were slaughtering just the Greeks as per Chankya's arrangements. This impacts the attitude of Indian troopers battling for the Greeks and they begin joining Chandragupta's military.

Individuals started to invite Chandragupta and his military as deliverer wherever he went and just inside couple of years he was a legend in the northwestern piece of India. Yet, Chanakya didn't halted here, he never trusted in solid India without the realm of Magadh. He goes to Magadh impacts the scholarly network of Magadh so that everybody comprehends the significance of unification of Mahajandpads. A bloodless unrest happens in Magadh and the head who had offended Chankya before gives up to Chandragupta's military and turns into a recluse.

Little did Chandragupta's mom realized that, when her child would re-visitation of Magadh once more, he would return as a head of Magadh as well as of a realm which exetneded from the Hindu Kush mountains to Bengal. It was the biggest United realm that existed in the Indian subcontinent. Little did the ruler Ghanadanda realized that the teacher he was offending would drive him to surrender his realm.

This was the account of Chankya, who begins as a defenseless child and finishes as a guide and Guru to the head of biggest domain that existed in the subcontinent



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