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Why are aircrafts pulled by a car or Jeep to bring them to the runway?


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initially, they are hauled out of the terminal by overwhelming vehicles. Not a jeep or vehicle, on the grounds that a plane and it's payload (number of travelers, fuel amount and so on.) can gauge tons. So the procedure is completed by low profile tractors or likewise called as pulls.

Also, this procedure is called as *pushback*. Presently for what reason is it done?
Planes don't have a turn around gear* like your autos. So when planes need to leave the terminal to the runway, they are 'pushed' back by high torque pulls to carry the plane to the runway.
This procedure, basically done by ground staff, is begun by embeddings a detour stick. This alleged detour stick helps in giving an entire 90 degree turn point (on either side) to the nose wheel, which can be constrained by a tiller from the cockpit, by the pilot (fueled by water driven weight) (something like the power directing of your vehicle). Thus the plane is brought to the runway and can proceed with it's taxi to the runway.
*-Note: Planes have something many refer to as a turn around push. This turn around push in fly planes are utilized for hindering the plane subsequent to landing.
The motivation behind why this switch push isn't utilized is on the grounds that…
Switch push include the opening of the "sidestep air" segment of the motor with the goal that air is let out the other way. Yet, this system being performed at low speeds is exceedingly hazardous in light of the fact that particles on the runway can enter the motor in the detour area and can cause a great deal of harm.


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