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ravi singh

teacher | Posted | Education

Why did Mahmud Ghazni attack India?


teacher | Posted

Individuals from Middle East and Central Asia have been coming towards India from antiquated time in different shades as sattlers, brokers and intruders too.
In old occasions the life of the individuals of this sub-mainland was simple as contrast with the life of individuals of Middle East and Central Asia.
Indian sub-mainland a position of all wheathers, has/had everything including riches and individuals of those regions were enticed to plunder Indians.
Because of the above reasons intruders had been attacking this land from long.
Be that as it may, with the introduction of Islam in Middle East, the new believers (Muslims) were so fan to attack India, they began coming one after others. They attacked not exclusively to plunder however to change Indians over to Islam in light of the fact that for them the Indians were "kafir" and Islam doesn't endure "Kafirs".
Muhamd Gazni assaulted multiple times India. The primary explanation of the assault of Muhamd Gazni was to make India Islamic by annihilating and plundering the sanctuaries which were the greatest stores of abundance. What's more, he was effective in his main goal.



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