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Posted 08 Apr, 2021 |

Why do Asian guys want white wives?

aakansha Tejwani

student | Posted 19 Apr, 2021

Countries like India, China, Pakistan, Oman, Vietnam, Korea, Qatar and many more countries each differing from each other in the aspect of culture are a part of Asia. Most countries seek beauty as a crucial factor for any women. Some of the countries especially emphasise every woman to be beautiful. The consciousness of having a beautiful wife attracts men towards white women. Beauty plays an integral part in choosing their life partner. The fascination for white people always lies in Asian men. Having a small conversation and meet up with foreign people cheer up Asians. Many people nowadays are going to white countries for work. This is where they get attached to white people and their culture and they end up marrying a white person.

This is prevalent in some countries more while some less. Like in China, A Chinese man and white wife is the rest of the interracial marriage. In our country, where foreigners are considered to be somewhat superior or better class people, marrying a white wife is considered a victory sometimes. This can be also attributed to the interest of white girls in rich Asian culture. Taking the example of India, foreigners are amused by our culture, traditions, diversity, and food. They love each historical part of India which attracts them here. Although it completely depends on the choice and love interest of a person, Asian guys are more inclined towards white women.