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Why do doctors have such high consultation fees in India?


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Most specialists don't charge high expenses. The normal meeting expenses for expert and super masters is between Rs 300– 700. This is following 10 to 12 years of preparing.

When you contrast the expenses and what individuals in different callings charge, it is entirely sensible.
A circuit tester or handyman in huge urban communities charges 300 to 500 Rs as administration charges. The Maruti administration station charges 2000 Rs or more a work charges. The sanctioned bookkeeper charges least Rs 500 to document pay charge.

A general public needs equality as far as the sum you pay for an administration. Experience and hazard included likewise directs the expenses charged.

Specialists are in a standout amongst the most least secure callings and need to prepare for 10 years before they begin working and consequently they atleast have the right to charge what different experts are charging people in general. Legal advisors charge expenses going from Rs 10000 to crores to battle a case.

I wonder why nobody examines different experts regarding the expenses they charge and for what reason are specialists dependably the punching packs.


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