Why do most of the people dislike Mahatma Gandhi although he gave the universal concept of non-violence? - letsdiskuss
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parvin singh

Army constable | Posted | Education

Why do most of the people dislike Mahatma Gandhi although he gave the universal concept of non-violence?


Army constable | Posted

Peacefulness is a bologna and misrepresented idea. As much exaggerated as Gandhi himself. Lakhs of individuals forfeited their lives and we continue expressing gibberish like " de di azadi bina khadak aur dhaal ke ". Truly ?

This is the center issue of we Indians today. We have forgotton our heavenly past and history and living in babble long for peacefulness. On one hand you have purported Bapu and chacha giving jabber Ahimsa gyan to indians and on other hand they approve of Indian warriors battling for British in universal war. Why not request that British success world battle with ahimsa and peacefulness.

We have failed to remember the lessons of Bhagwat gita and Holy sacred texts and keep on liking bologna and bombed ideas for quite a long time. Bharatvarsh has consistently been the place where there is warriors be it Shri Rama, Shri krishna , Arjuna or Chandragupta Maurya, Samudragupta , lalitaditya , Bappa Rawal , Rana kumbha , Rana sanga, Rana Pratap , Raja chola , Rajendra chola, krishna devraya , Chhatrapati Shivaji , lachit borphukan and a huge number of others.

With regards to equity and rights you need to battle. Peacefulness is definitely not Universal. Which nations follow it ? None. Was 1947 segment of India peaceful ? What's more, same gandhi was doing quick for what ? To give Pakistan 35 crores and how they managed that ? Assaulted Kashmir.

Peacefulness is a horse crap and simply a distraction for political advantage of gandhi and nehru. Gandhi is anything than supposed dad of country. In straightforward terms Bharatvarsh is path more seasoned than gandhi and nehru. Desh ka koi baap nai hota.

On the off chance that anybody is outraged, at that point I can't help. What is truth will be truth. World and universe don't deal with supposed peacefulness. You need to battle when opportunity arrives.



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