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Shashi Kumar

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Why does Google give Android away for free?


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The company believes giving Android away at no cost will increase the dimensions of the world's Web-connected population. The corporate believes that increasing the Web-connected population can inevitably cause additional Google searches - that Google will legitimatize with search ads.

Google providing android at no cost is truly one in every of their best long run business ways. Google makes nearly ninetieth of its revenues from its program and therefore the ads displayed within the results. The business still proves to possess an enormous potential and clearly there's no want for the corporate to look for the other supply of financial gain.

Instead, they have to push their program, such the engine and its ads reach additional folks, thereby making additional revenues. to create this happen, they should produce the markets. Markets square measure nothing however the users of the Google search. Its main objective is to change all folks, folks in each single corner of the planet to use the web seamlessly. Nevertheless the mobile markets before the android were abundant totally different. web usage from the mobiles was manner too low than it's currently. Therefore Google had a thought. 

They created the android OS and if they might supply it at no cost, it'd facilitate the mobile makers to sell mobiles at cheaper price at the retail since they weren't absolute to pay any license cost for the OS. So now, everybody would have a Smartphone in their hand. This may increase the web usage by an enormous share. Also, since the phone would run on the android OS, it'd be straightforward for Google to push its product like Google search, Play store .etc. This strategy would successively guarantee their market share, revenue growth and their money stability.

This additionally prevented its peers like Apple, Microsoft and Yahoo cluster from increasing their market share as Google already had an impact of just about all the smart phones oversubscribed everywhere the planet. This enabled them to move ahead having a reduced competition. Therefore if the android OS is priced, then there's an enormous risk of Google losing its market.

Even if Apple gains its share within the Smartphone market, as long because it uses google as its primary programmed, things ought to be fine for Google. Its main aim is simply to stay Microsoft and alternative search engines away.


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