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Why does Narad Muni move across the realms of the universe?


phd student Allahabad university | Posted

As indicated by Matsya Purana, there are many brain conceived children (manasa putras), however the most st unmistakable ones are the four Kumaras, Narada and Daksha Prajapati.
Sage Narada was more youthful to Daksha (prajapati implies master to the individuals, this was a high position given to Him by the Trinity, wherein he managed over all individuals and was considered even as a demi God).
Sage Narada took up sanyasa and advised to Lord Brahma ( their dad) that he was not intrigued by family life and could actually stay a Rishi and an abstinent.
Yet, Daksha wedded Prasuti Panchajani and had numerous children and little girls from her. Hardly any sacred texts state, Daksha had 1000 children and scarcely any state 5000 children.
Daksha's children when go into youthful age and completed their investigations from the Vedic school, Daksha considers getting them hitched and consequently to take his ancestry further, so in such manner he visits scarcely any realms.
During Daksha's nonattendance, One day Sage Narada goes to Daksha's home and meets his children. Seeing their uncle Narada , all the children of Daksha come and welcome him and take his favors. At that point Narada says " Hey children of Daksha, what are your likely arrangements, since you father holds the most noteworthy situation among all people, you also should attempt to accomplish such status and liveup to your father's name".
At that point they state " uncle, for what reason did you decide to turn into a sanyasi, why you didn't turn into a lord like our father " ?
At that point Narada says " this daily routine is short experienced, all people are humans and need to bite the dust one day, so I would prefer not to be back of materialistic things, I need to accomplish moksha by being far away from connections of family life ".
Hearing this sentence, all the children of Daksha will be baffled, and they begin to get some information about Vairagya. Also, Narada begins to show them all Vairagya and Brahma_Jnana for hardly any days.
Daksha gets back from his works and calls his children and he will be stunned to see them in Sanyasi clothing. He says " my dear children, there is an uplifting news for you, I have fixed your relationships with the most wonderful princess and you will control their Kingdoms. what's more, what befallen you all, for what reason are you in this dress".
They state " hello Daksha Prajapati, we are not keen on this family life, we have taken up sanyasa and venturing out from home to do compensation and accomplish moksha. We would prefer not to wed, so please permit us to leave the home".
Daksha vapor at them and state " are you distraught. ?? On the off chance that you take up sanyasa, at that point in what manner will my heredity be convey sent, so surrender this idea and first let me know, who altered your perspectives into this Vairagya, I have never revealed to you folks about Sanyasa ?".
The young men state " hello father, we are fortunate that this Jnana, information is given to us by your sibling and our uncle Narada. !! You ought to be appreciative to him father".
Daksha exhaust with outrage and calls Narada and says " hello sanyasi, how could you degenerate my children brains and as a result of you, these folks have become this way. I revile you that, you will be perpetually meandering all the universes like a traveler, and you will never remain at one spot and whatever you talk will cause contrasts for individuals, so you would be called as the trouble_makerand I revile my children too that whatever they do, their retribution will be rarely finished and they can never accomplish the brahma_jnana, a definitive information for achieving the moksha".
So from that day onwards, Narada Muni is continually meandering in the three universes.



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