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Ajit Bhandari

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Why india is not able to remove terrorists from Kahsmir yet?


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It is a big question in the mind of every citizen of the country that despite all the efforts why terrorists are still able to survive. Well, there are some important factors that need to be taken into account for the resolution of the Kashmir Issue.

The foremost important thing is the willingness on the side of the government. Before a few years when the National Conference was ruling the valley, Congress was in power in central government, and hence the issue was much politicized.

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In the rule of BJP also the situation has not improved as it collaborated with PDP and hence no stern actions were allowed to be taken by the government against the terrorists. The most notable point is the common man of Kashmir is not attracted to be a part of the mainstream of the growth of the nation, and hence he feels separate as a Kashmiri and not Indian.

The importance, given to the separatist leaders also played a pivotal role in the developing activities of terrorists. In the past some years, there was no right policy to counter terrorism in this state. Doubtlessly the role of the neighbouring country can also not be ignored which loves to feed the terrorists and keep the valley burning. Only strict actions without any pressure of media or politics can be the option to nab the terrorism from this state.


sales | Posted on

the first thing is Kashmir having some special rules...

they can marry Pakistanis and Indians...

kashmiris have right to buy property anywhere in INDIA...but Indians other than Kashmir cant buy property there...

as most Kashmiris are Muslims...some of the Pakistanis married Kashmiris and started to influence them on jihad.

they used to throw stones on military...now, things are changing after Modi

now, security was tightened..killed terrorists...cameras are placed...

now, planning to change the rules or special status of Kashmiris...(this depends on if he wins or not)

if Indians too can buy properties there then there would be more chances to change things



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