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Why is Shraddha Kapoor going to jail?


Army constable | Posted

Bollywood superstars are in a tough situation now as Rhea and her sibling are uncovering names of stars who are associated with the medication case.
As of late, Bollywood entertainer Shraddha Kapoor's name additionally got uncovered however Rhea and Showik didn't uncover her name. At that point who else could take Shraddha Kapoor's name with respect to this case?
Also, is Shraddha in a difficult situation now?
Indeed, as of late the NCB group went to the Pavna farmhouse of the late entertainer Sushant Singh Rajput. They went there, to look for the spot and to chat with the other staff of the farmhouse. While looking through the spot, NCB recovered numerous things from that point that would help them in their examination. Yet, the most stunning thing that they got from that point, is the name of the Bollywood entertainer, Shraddha Kapoor.
Indeed, there is a lake close by Sushant's farmhouse and the lake has an island. Sushant frequently visited the lake and the island with the assistance of a speedboat and NCB conversed with the driver of the speedboat. The driver has uncovered that frequently they held gatherings at the island and numerous entertainers from Bollywood joined the gathering. The driver has uncovered that Sara Ali Khan, Rhea Chakraborty, Shraddha Kapoor have visited the island with the entertainer.
He has said that these three entertainers never met up, they generally went ahead various days. It was the driver who took Shraddha's name. Till this, it was alright however what he uncovered later was generally stunning.
The driver of the speedboat has uncovered that medications were constantly sorted out in those gatherings. All the individuals going to the gatherings used to devour drugs. This may land Shraddha into extraordinary difficulty. NCB may before long call this Bollywood entertainer for cross examination and whenever saw as liable of utilization, at that point she may wind up behind the bars.



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