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Albert Jordan

Senior Software Engineer | Posted 07 Aug, 2019 |

Why is the Indian National Congress and a few other parties against scrapping Article 370?

Preeti Taneja

Entrepreneur | Posted 14 Aug, 2019

Likely to consolidate the Muslim votes?!

But then there are many reasons why not just political parties but a large (albeit silent) population of this country are opposed to scrapping Article 370 in a way BJP did that. And none of those reasons are trigged with any political agenda.

(Courtesy: India Today)

There are many dynamics to Jammy and Kashmir that very few really understand – none of who are on Twitter, hymning in the nationalist tone.

A large part of this country does not care about a piece of land – it cares about the people who live on that piece of land. They care about the Kashmiris, their rights and wellbeing.

Scrapping Article 370 so hastily with zero consideration of the locals, what they want, and how it’s going to affect its long-term social infrastructure – it’s uncalled for. What the government is doing is using its military muscle. And this is only going to suppress the locals, likely leading to another insurgency brewing beneath, waiting for an eruption.

(Courtesy: Business Today)

Experts believe that this Article is what kept Kashmir close to India. Now since it is gone, the people there feel to have no link with the country whatsoever. And this is going to create a vacuum for the separatists and militancy to pick terrorism against Indian forces.

Almost entire of Kashmir right now is tensed, despite the mainstream propaganda of how things are normal there.

Do you really think that people there will accept this as their fate that comes at their suppression? Do you think they will not retaliate? Do you think the lives of our jawans are not at risk? Do you think there won’t be mass protests once the government decides to loosen its grip for normalcy?

This conflict will spoil generations in the valley.

It will spawn hatred and prejudice against India.

(Courtesy: Business Today)

While scrapping Article 370 might bring the piece of land close to India – it will distance the people living on that land from us.

Forcing anything on anyone is not justifiable.

As rhetorical as it sounds, dialog is the only way to find a sustainable solution.

(Courtesy: Reuters)

The government should have ventured in this direction strategically rather than with armed forces. This government, unlike the previous one, had the will. Moreover, it has incredible insights, intel and sources that could have beenused to pave way for the scrapping of Article 370, strategically, in consent with the normal people of Kashmir who do not care about India and Pakistan but rather demand a happy and peaceful life.

Kashmir is ours, but it isn’t. Kashmiris are like us, but they aren’t. We want the best for Kashmir, but we don’t. There are many dynamics and contradictions to Kashmir. Forget Nehru. There’s a reason why Patel, who the right-wing worships (or at least shows that way) was in consent to Article 370.

(Courtesy: India Today)

Yes, removing Article 370 was the best thing the government did. But what about the people there? What about their lives? What about their peace? Sitting at the comfort of your home and passing judgments is easy. Most of us will never recognize their state of being at present.

So, aside from their political aspirations, these are the reasons why Congress, few other parties and a large part of this country are against scrapping Article 370. Well, they aren’t against the removal of this article per se. They are just against the way this was done and the agenda that the government carries behind this decision.

Hope this answers your question.