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Why is World Day Against Child Labour observed?


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World Day Against Children Labour 
World Day against Child Labour was launched in 2002 and is featured as International Labour Organization, a sanctioned holiday. The purpose of this was to create and grow the awareness about the rising child labour and to prevent it. The World Day Against Child Labour is noticed to be held every year on 12 June which is intended to encourage the movement of child labour globally. 

The themes observed during this action week which was started on 10 June 2021, will be regarding the importance of this day. The number of child labour has risen at a high peak since 2016. The International Labour Organization is focusing on strengthening the Right to the Child policy.  
"End child labour now" is what 12 june 2021 is all about. 
The word child labour can be visualised as a scenario where the childhood of children os snatched for them which results in no growth and proper development of mental and physical potential of the children. These children are driven into the paths which are stated to be physically, mentally and emotionally hazardous for the children. They have been denied the opportunity to explore their childhood like normal children have. Attending school, playing games and developing their mental state becomes a luxury to them. 

The World Day Against Child Labour was introduced in 2002 picturing to bring more and more awareness regarding the rapid growth of child labour in the world. It was built to fight and prevent the child labour globally. On this day, government, citizens, and society come together to define the policies regarding the prevention if child labour force. 
The work is regulated by the International Labour Organization to provide adequate health, education and basic freedom rights to the children. Millions of children are exposed to do things which are not meant for them. Some of the work is hazardous to them. The boys and girls are involved in slavery, dangerous environment etc. The main vision of IOL is to rescue the children from these salvation and give them a happy living life. 


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