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Ruchika Dutta

Teacher | Posted on | Health-beauty

Why one should minimize the use of Antibiotics?


Working with holistic nutrition.. | Posted on

Antibiotics are vital for humans as well as animals. The development of antibiotic resistance has become the major concern.


Why we should try to reduce the use of antibiotics?



The main concern behind this discussion is that, A healthy microbiome contributes to calories what we extract from our food. One of the most certain ways to destroy our flora, along with our health is by taking antibiotics. Of course Antibiotics are sometimes necessary and even lifesaving, but truth is they are inappropriately prescribed.



We are suffering from major global health crisis due to antibiotics resistance. The antibiotics we rely on for serious and life threatening diseases no longer work because we've used them so much. We now have antibiotics resistant superbugs and no effective treatment for any of them.


To avoid the conditions you need to educate yourself about common health condition that would bring you to the doctor for yourself or one of your kids for whom antibiotics are much used. Trust your body and make the time to heal. Pay now in time or pay later in health. Learn about alternatives to antibiotics. 





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