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Abdul Razzaq

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Why Pakistan Supreme Court Bans Indian Content On TV?


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India and Pakistan, it seems like, just keep looking for the reasons to maintain their arch rivalry which was started post the independence of both the countries. This time, the reason of the dispute is “channel”, in its both of the meanings.


(Courtesy: rferl.org) 

Indian TV “channels” were banned in Pakistan since the 1965 Indo-Pakistan war, but the ban was later uplifted. It was again put by the lower court, owing to the 2016 tensions between the countries on the Kashmir issue. But now, a new cause of tension has emerged in which both the cause and the effect are associated with the word “channel”.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has now banned the Indian TV channels in their country because India is constructing a new dam around Delhi, which obstructs the flow of river channels in Pakistan.

As the top judge furiously says, “"They are trying to (obstruct the construction) of our dam and we cannot even ban their channels?"


It is needless to say that Indian TV shows and movies are quite popular in Pakistan, and even Bollywood relies on many Pakistani artists to produce good artistic product in Bollywood. Despite this reliability, the never-ending rivalry has an upper hand.

We, however, cannot ignore the fact that Bollywood has not shied away from boycotting Pakistani artists in past due to the same rivalry, of which the geographical location of Kashmir and its division, is the root cause.


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