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Posted 05 Apr, 2019 |

Why SEO is Important for Web Design?

Syed Sahil

SEO Executive | Posted 27 Dec, 2019

In this modern era, SEO is the most important activity for a website. without SEO higher ranking on website it is impossible. Web design is the most effective online service which impacts the online business. It is very important to note that is a very competitive field nowadays. Website design helps to attract more clients. Website design also helps to improve brand domain awareness. Better Website design is the best key Website and also helps SEO and increase Website Traffic. A web designer makes a good looking website through better web design services. 

Lighthouse India

Junior SEO | Posted 27 Dec, 2019

SEO is very important for web design for various reasons:

  •  Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is very important for webdesign because  SEO is the process of  enhancing a website to better the chances of it ranking  highly in the search engines.
  •  SEO  keeps business competitive and enables to get more traffic to the website.
  • SEO organizes the website effectively and also  increases the conversation rates and reaches more audiences so it leads to greater profit margins and larger customer base.

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@YUVA | |Updated 22 Aug, 2019

seo is very important in all the fields. Just think if you have a good website with good content and attractive design but there is no promotion. Then there is no use. Always seo is mandatory for any business
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IT Plus

Leading agency for web design in Dubai | Posted 21 Aug, 2019

SEO play a major role in web design because without doing SEO you can't find your website in SERP's (Search Engine Result Pages).

B y applying good SEO strategies you will make your website search engine friendly & your band awareness will also get increased in Search engine result pages. As It is quite difficult to rank it on google without the help of SEO.


@fayaz | Posted 02 May, 2019

SEO is not only about search engines but good SEO practices improve the user experience and usability of a web site..Website traffic is important for business success. SEO web design helps you rank in search engines. That means you're more visible when your potential customers are looking for something that you offer.

Gaurav Ambe

Search Engine Optimization Expert | Posted 02 May, 2019

hi there 

Well, this is equivalent to the question, how is soul important for a body. Its great that you have a website, but how do you think is it useful if the masses are totally unaware about it. SEO consists of various techniques that will help your site get online presence that is it will be visible on the search engine result pages whenever anybody makes an organic search related to your website. In fact if done effectively it can help in getting your site a respectable rank on the search engines, thereby earning more and more traffic for your site and increasing the chances of more sales and profits. SEO basically helps in seeking returns on the investment done by you in making of a website. This can be efficiently done by a web design development and SEO company like FODUU which has professional experts who can cater to your needs at most affordable prices as compared to any other cheap website design India. 

Deepika Arora

Digital Marketer | Posted 30 Apr, 2019

In this competitive era, if you own a website without doing its SEO, then you are just wasting your time and money. Without SEO, a website cannot be shown in SERP i.e. Search engine results pages. 

SEO is the digital marketing technique that helps you increase business revenue very fast if done in a good way. 

It is necessary that you must follow good SEO techniques to rank your website fast and grow your business. For learning these techniques, you need to join an SEO course in India or wherever you live.

When you join an SEO course, then you will get to know about

  1. How to target your audience?
  2. How to generate leads?
  3. How to increase online sale?
  4. How to increase business value? and 
  5. How to build a brand?

So learn digital marketing of website by joining an SEO course now!

sanjana d

Training & development | Posted 27 Apr, 2019

SEO plays a crucial role in web design, if you ask why SEO is crucial or why it is an important factor means, without doing SEO you can't find your site in SERP's (Search Engine Result Pages).

If you practice good SEO Strategies you can get organic traffic to your site as well as the brand awareness and Helps in increasing the visibility of a website in SERP. It is quite difficult to rank it on google without the help of SEO.

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ayan rdd

Marketing Execute | Posted 27 Apr, 2019

SEO is important to website because

1.SEO will help people find your Website.

2.SEO builds Trust and Credibility

3.SEO build your Brand

4.SEO drives Offline Sales

5.SEO helps to increase Organic traffic.

lets user

SEO Executive | Posted 26 Apr, 2019

If you to be noticed by your customer then you need to improve your visiblity on search engine and can only be done through SEO.