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Afzal Shahab

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Why the West is considering Muslims as the greatest threat for their Social Cohesion and National Security


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Islam is a religion spread across all the continents. There is hardly any country where the followers of this religion are not present. In fact, many of the countries have declared themselves as an Islamic country. This religion has deep roots and preaches many of the things that are in the interest of mankind on this planet. However, there are certain followers who misinterpret the commands given in the religion and try to convert others to this religion by force. In fact, nowhere in this religion, it is mentioned to be cruel and kill others.

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Islamic organizations that have opted for the path of violence under the disguise of this religion have been the cause of hatred by followers of other religions. In any terrorist attack, there is the name of an organization which follows Islam only. ISIS, Taliban, Al-Qaida, Harkat-Ul-Ansar, Lashkar-e-Taiba are a few of the terrorist organization that have damaged more to the followers of this religion rather others. The mindset of the west is anti-Islam due to these terrorist acts which are shaped by such so-called Islamic organizations. The consideration of west to Muslims as greatest threat is not baseless but to consider all Muslims anti-social is not a fair act also. Looking at the current political and religious scenarios of west such approach is obvious.


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There are many reasons actually.

The Emergence of Conservatives

On the macro scale, the world had a very long reign of libertarians for decades. That tip of the scale is shifting now. We're seeing far right making massive imposition in the mainstream.

USA, many parts of Europe --they have conservative leaders. The liberal values in Australia and even Canada are facing big threats from radical nationalists.

And the conservative views in the non-Islamic world on Islam is a secret to none. In the garb of "security" and "nationalism", they believe Muslims to be a big threat to society.

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The Influence of Right-Wing Media

The mainstream media is changing. While the internet is still dominated by news outlets and shows that tout liberal views, the news channels and legacy media in western countries have changed significantly in recent times.

We're seeing extreme division in ideologues with far-right views more unapologetic than ever. This has attracted, engaged and even radicalized many viewers. So, media has played a big role in creating a perception that Muslims are a threat to peace and welfare.

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The Sense of Political Correctness

"Political correctness" has become a major point of conversations in the west. In simple words, it means taking up stands and expressions so to appease all, even if it means suppressing the truth.

The names like Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro has championed this cause, bringing many youths behind this idea.

Now there exist a prevalence thought that a large part of what's happening in the mainstream is out of political correctness.

Liberals never openly accredited Islam for terrorist attacks, even when terrorists would contend their attack as Islam's teachings. Their rhetoric was "terrorism has no religion". The conservatives found it hypocritical, labeling it "political correctness".

So, now the people who are fascinated and repelled to political correctness that does indeed exist in society predominated by the liberals, they are of the idea that Muslims are a threat.

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The Inaction From The Muslim Community

99 percent of Muslims around the world do not support terrorism. And they want peace. And they want to live with everyone happily… Just like any sane human.

However, they have failed to strongly stand against terrorism.

As a group whose name and identity is being used to kill thousands, they should have been at the forefront in the war against terrorists. But that's not exactly the case. They should mass protest against such injustices. They should clarify the parts of the Quran that terrorists use to justify their acts. They should be more vocal against the threat that terrorism poses to the world.

But that's not happening. Just occasionally denouncing the terror acts and Tweeting "terrorism has no religion" is NOT sufficient.  

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These are some big reasons why West considers Islam as a threat to social cohesion and national security.

Of course, the topic is quite complex with many dynamics to it. There certainly are many other reasons.

The hate groups, the people with bigoted ideas, racism, geopolitical reasons, economical reasons… there are many other reasons why Muslims around the world are ridiculed by a growing percentage of people.

How will it end, where will it end, how things will get better -- we have no answers. I genuinely believe that instead of focusing on the bad of conservatives, Liberals must instead self-introspect and first fix their own flaws.

We don’t need liberal leadership. We need people who are rational and yet cooperative, pacifist yet very strong. And we're far from finding such people in far right and left. 


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