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Why was Muhammad bin Tughlaq called the Mad King?


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Muhammad receptacle Tughlaq was ruler in thirteenth century from 1324AD to 1351AD. He did numerous things which brought about Him bring recognized as Mad ruler.

He succeeded his dad Ghiyas-ud-commotion Tughlaq and was perhaps the most disputable rulers in India History. He was the solitary Delhi Sultan who had gotten a far reaching artistic, strict and philosophical schooling. Regardless of every one of his qualifications, he is alluded to as the astute simpleton in Indian History since he embraced various managerial changes and the majority of them bombed because of the absence of plan and judgment.

1. Tughlaq needed to grow his region, so far as that is concerned, he kept up tremendous armed force. For the support of gigantic armed force, he requested his subjects to make good on more duties. The weight of unnecessary tax assessment, ranchers moved their occupation to some different positions as they couldn't pay charges which came about food shortage and rebellion.

2. He presented Token Currency. During fourteenth century, there was a deficiency of silver all through the world. He presented copper coin at standard with the estimation of silver coins which cause financial disarray. He at that point pulled out the copper coin and issues a request to individuals to trade copper coins with gold and silver coins from the imperial depository.

3. After, the disappointment of two changes and to conquer monetary troubles. He builds the assessment on the Ganga and Yamuna alluvial terrains. Due to over weight of expenses, individuals deserted their cultivating occupation and engaged with burglary and burglaries. Despite the fact that, he took unforgiving measures to handle the circumstance which cause gigantic deficiency of cash. It is significant that his rule then confronted various starvations also.When Tughlaq understood the issue yet it was past the point of no return.

4. Move of Capital: In request to manage the entire Indian Sub-mainland, he moved his capital from Delhi to Daulatabad. He requested the entire populace of Delhi too illustrious family unit including researchers, artists, performer to move new capital. During the migration, numerous individuals passed on. When individuals arrived at Daulatabad, Tughlaq adjusted his perspective and chose to relinquish the new capital and move to his old capital Delhi. It is accepted that he wished to move the capital as a defend measure from Mongol Invasion. The arrangement of moving capital was totally fizzled.

That is the reason he is called as Mad ruler and furthermore taunted when People say somebody like him today as Tughlaq.



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